Joe - site creator

Joe - site creator

Are your parents getting older? Are you concerned about their ability to live independently? Whether you’re down the street or far away, you can’t always be there to help them.

Now that my parents are in their 70s, I’ve started researching the gadgets, assistive devices, and home medical equipment that will keep them living independently. What I’ve found is that it’s really confusing to know which products provide a genuine benefit and which aren’t helpful.

I’ve watched my own parents care for their own parents over the past 25 years. They helped them make decisions about stairlifts, wheelchairs, walkers, medication, security, assisted living facilities, medical alerts, and so on.

It’s easy to overpay for things because many businesses prey on seniors and on the people who love them. But it’s also easy to pay too little and get products that don’t really work and don’t really have a positive impact for the people we love.

My aim with Aging Parent Rescue is to help you understand your options for technology that assists elderly people when they want to age in place. I’ll be focusing mostly on actual products. There are many sites already that focus on issues facing caregivers. They’re doing a better job than I would hope to.

I love to hear from readers and I welcome your comments.

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