How to Make an Elderly Person’s Home Safer

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Old age is just like childhood! Once when we were babies, we were helpless and vulnerable. We needed constant vigil, care and protection from pitfalls, wounds and injuries. As we grow older, our parents age and they develop various problems like Alzheimer’s disease (dementia), arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes. Today, it’s our turn to love, […]

Christmas Wish List 2011: Top 5 Tech Gadgets for the Elderly this Season


With Halloween over, it’s now time to start gearing up for the busiest gift-giving holiday of the season—Christmas. While there are “practical” gifts you could give grandma and grandpa this season, why not give them something out of the ordinary—like a tech gadget that can actually be useful and simplify their lives? The ones listed […]

Anti-slip Stickers for Your Safety in the Bathroom – No More Sliding in Bathtub or Shower. No Mats Needed


We’ve all heard that slipping in the shower or bath is one of the leading causes of injuries among the elderly. These removable non-skid circles can help prevent slipping in the bath. From the manufacturer: These high-quality translucent stickers are easy to apply to your shower or bathtub and just as easily detached, even after […]

Moving medicine to the home

I just watched an interesting talk by a researcher at Intel. He talks about the need to move away from a hospital-based model for caring for older people to a home-based model with advanced technological devices. Take a look at the video: