Anti-slip Stickers for Your Safety in the Bathroom – No More Sliding in Bathtub or Shower. No Mats Needed


Top quality German no-slip stickers

We’ve all heard that slipping in the shower or bath is one of the leading causes of injuries among the elderly. These removable non-skid circles can help prevent slipping in the bath.

From the manufacturer:

These high-quality translucent stickers are easy to apply to your shower or bathtub and just as easily detached, even after many years. The anti-skid set contains 10 non-slip stickers which are 10cm (3.94 inches) in diameter and are made in Germany. No matter what colour your bathtub or shower is, the anti-slip circles are fully transparent and thus almost invisible. The material is limescale repellent. Mold and other fungi will not develop on the surface of the safety sticker. Hence there will be no discoloration. With less than one millimeter in thickness, the quality adhesive see-through stickers are ultra-thin. With these adhesive pads you will no longer fear slipping in your bathroom, they securely guard against serious injury. With sufficient amount of skid-proof stickers, there will be no more sliding in the bathroom, as they even bond to tiles. The slip-resistant effect will ease your worries when it comes to safety in the bathroom. Children, elderly or disabled people can stand or sit in a skid-resistant bathtub or shower basin.

As confirmed by all our customers, the foothold is outstanding. As this item will be sent from Germany, please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Disclaimer: Anti slip stickers are proven safeguards against accidents on slippery surfaces. However, the manufacturer cannot be held liable should a slip accident occur.

Customer notes:

Customers agree these are top quality stickers, but advise that you might want to order two sets.

The cost of a slip and fall injury in your bath or shower is likely to be a lot more than the cost of two packets of stickers.


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