Christmas Wish List 2011: Top 5 Tech Gadgets for the Elderly this Season

With Halloween over, it’s now time to start gearing up for the busiest gift-giving holiday of the season—Christmas. While there are “practical” gifts you could give grandma and grandpa this season, why not give them something out of the ordinary—like a tech gadget that can actually be useful and simplify their lives? The ones listed below are fairly easy to use and are perfect for all elderly consumers.

5. TKO Door Knob Turner. While grandpa or grandma might need some assistance installing this low-tech gadget on to his or her device-of-choice, it will significantly change their lives for the better—especially those that are typically weak and those that suffer from hand and wrist arthritis. This is because this gadget is designed to make turning objects like doorknobs and faucets oh-so-much easier.   Retail Price: $22.95. TKO Door Knob Turner on Amazon.

4.Temperature Activated Flow ReducerAs grandpa and grandma get older, they will be more likely to forget things—such as letting the shower water get scalding hot. If you’re worried that your grandparents (or parents) might burn themselves in the shower, then this low-tech gadget can be a simple solution to your fears. What it does is attach on to faucets and showerheads and will automatically shut the water off if it gets too hot, preventing the user from getting burned.  Distributor: The Alzheimer Store; Retail Price: $36.95. See the Temperature Activated Flow Reducer at the Alzheimer Store.

3. Roomba. If grandpa or grandma lives alone, a great gift to give him or her is the Roomba—a home robot manufactured to vacuum floors. This means that grandpa or grandma doesn’t have to risk injury sweeping or vacuuming the floor and can keep their home tidy with minimal effort. The Scooba is also available—a home robot designed to wash the bathroom floors. Distributor: iRobot; Retail Price: Ranges from $300 to $500. Roomba on Amazon

Jitterbug cell phone

The Jitterbug can be a mobile PERS

2. JitterBug Cell Phone. Cell phones are a must, no matter how old your grandparents (or parents) are (they need an outlet to make emergency phone calls at the very least when away from the home phone). But buying the latest fancy smartphone is probably not the best decision—besides, they don’t need all the bells and whistles anyway. The Jitterbug, which has been around for several years, is a cell phone that is made just for those in their golden years: it has very large numbers so that those with impaired vision can press the keys; it has a clear and wide interface to simplify actions; and it works with voice activation so that the user doesn’t have to mess with sometimes-complicated features like scrolling to the main menu or contacts tab. As a bonus, the phone also comes equipped with 5 Star Urgent Response—an emergency button in case the user falls or gets into an accident. Distributor: GreatCall; Retail Price: $99. Read more about the Jitterbug Cell Phone on

1. Amazon Kindle Fire. While there are many tablets available on the market right now, this is probably the best choice. While it may not have all the same features as the popular Apple iPad 2, it does have all the basic features—and that’s all elderly users need anyway. The screen is large enough where your grandparents can read e-books comfortably and reduce eye strain; they can watch movies; and scour the internet for recipes etc—all for a fraction of the price of other tablets (it’s the cheapest on the market). Distributor: Amazon; Retail Price: $199. Check out the Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi on Amazon


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