Portable Dishwashers are more convenient for seniors

Portable countertop dishwashers eliminate bending

Portable countertop dishwashers eliminate bending

When we’re trying to walk that fine line between providing our aging parents with the right tools to increase their independence but without actually making their life more difficult than it should be, the balance can sometimes be very tricky. This is especially true when it comes to the “kitchen” and trying to decide what would be appreciated. However, more often than not, the elderly really appreciate kitchen products that allow them some semblance of being able to provide and clean up after themselves. Even something so simple as a microwave that allows your parent to make their own cup of tea or a bowl of oatmeal can create a feeling of self-sufficiency. There’s now a new trend that takes this even one step further: portable dishwashers.

With a small, countertop dishwasher, your elderly parent will not only be able to make themselves a cup of tea or pour themselves a cup of juice to take their morning pills, they can clean their own dishes with extremely little effort and keep a tidy kitchen. They’ll love the clean environment this will provide, as well as the unnecessary act of ever having to ask you to help clean up and then wait for you. And, while full size dishwashers do the same thing, they are large and usually impractical for the “home” size most of our elderly parents are living in. They also require bending over to load, which a countertop dishwasher does not.

If you have a parent that goes through items like bowls and glasses and a few pieces of silverware on a regular basis, you might want to ask them if they’d enjoy being able to wash them themselves. It’s perfect for doing the breakfast and lunch dishes for one person all in one fell swoop. Basically all the effort that is required is to slide out the rack, place dirty dishes inside, choose a program (plates, glasses, etc.) and push start. It’s truly as simple as that and there are no complicated instructions needed to learn or to remember.

Though many feel that a portable dishwasher will have less cleaning force than a standard, this is absolutely not the case. It will clean dishes just as well as a full-size dishwasher, and often even better, since there are fewer dishes blocking soap and water circulation. And, since it simply connects to a kitchen faucet and drains into the sink, there’s no installation necessary.

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Freelancer Amber O’Connell is passionate about helping families live healthier, more fulfilled lives. She’s currently promoting portable dishwashers for Air & Water and encouraging elderly living communities to start providing them in suites.


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