Senior Care Assisted Living Facilities

One of the undisputed facts of life is – all of us get old. At that point there are many elderly folks that need assistance, and this is where senior care assisted living facilities come in. There are a couple of different types of care facilities we want to talk about. Independent Living Lets start […]

Assisted Living versus Nursing Homes

I found this infographic mostly helpful in showing the differences between assisted living and nursing homes. Parts of it are a little hard to understand because of the way they chose to show the information. Still, a good introduction to some of the differences and the cost difference. by Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living […]

Top 3 Ways to Save on Assisted Living Costs

Assisted living facilities are designed to help ease some of the stress and worry associated with growing old and needing extra aid in your everyday activities. While assisted living can relieve some of the stress associated with seniority, it can also create a significant amount of financial stress for many elderly and their families. Offering […]