Senior Care Assisted Living Facilities

One of the undisputed facts of life is – all of us get old. At that point there are many elderly folks that need assistance, and this is where senior care assisted living facilities come in. There are a couple of different types of care facilities we want to talk about.

Independent Living

Lets start with the most liberating service which is “Independent Living.” Many senior care facilities offer an all-inclusive service which means your monthly rental fee includes the following:

– Restaurant style dining – 24 hour emergency service – Transportation service – Housekeeping service – Onsite activities – Activity programs and more…

So, as you can see this type of senior care is for seniors that are still active, but want the luxury of not having to do some of the day-to-day routine tasks that they would normally have to do themselves. Plus, some of the other extra curricular activities are available if they choose to participate in them.

Assisted Living

Seniors that need help with some daily tasks will find this type of care suits their needs. Seniors who are recovering from a fall, or maybe those who have had a mild stoke – these would be some of the reasons a person would require this type of care. So, what does assisted living care consist of?

– Dressing – Bathing – Grooming – Medication Monitoring

These are some areas that this type of care covers. As you will see this is quite different compared to skilled care.

Skilled Nursing Care

When a senior needs 24 hour monitoring and care, then skilled nursing care is the service required for this situation. There are basically two types of patients in this category – one is admitted on a short-term basis. This could be someone recovering from surgery that needs outpatient monitoring, or someone who has a illness that that requires short-term care. The other type of patients are ones that requires long-term care – you have heard these facilities called “Nursing Homes.”

This senior care facility is a 24 hour service which has registered nurses and assistants trained to handle most medical emergencies. Seniors who require this type of care generally are dependent on the staff for most of their daily basic needs.

Alzheimer’s – one major problem growing among seniors is Alzheimer’s. There are skilled nursing facilities that specialize in these situations. Seniors with this disease can function on their own to a certain degree, but they still require 24 hour monitoring because of the nature of this disease. In many cases an ankle bracelet is required which triggers an alarm if the patient drifts to far from the facility.

As you have read senior care encompasses a wide range of services. You don’t have to be sick or disabled to enjoy independent living in these facilities, but if needed they do offer a range of assisted living services that makes life just a little better no matter what the situation…Caring for Seniors is what it’s all about.

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