Don’t want to end up like your parents? Here’s a tip.

Today’s New York Times featured an article on the effects of exercise on “successful aging.” In short, people who exercise regularly age better. The live long, suffer from fewer debilitating diseases, and are less prone to depression. Read it here: Here’s the quote that really got my attention: In the eight years between the […]

When it’s time for your aging parent to leave the hospital, make sure you bring this one simple item with you

If you have an elderly parent who is getting out of the hospital after surgery, an emergency, or an injury, be prepared for the flood of confusing information you’ll be getting. Often there are detailed discharge instructions for changing bandages, caring for a wound, or taking medications at the proper time. Doctors talk fast. Nurses […]

Footwarmer for the bed improves circulation


Suffer from cold feet? I recently got an email from a website visitor who said, “Dad had complained that he was bothered by cold feet at night. One of them was causing him pain as a result of being cold. I thought the likely cause was poor circulation consequent to his age. So I looked […]

Seven ways to make the bathroom safer for seniors


Who really wants to worry about bathroom safety? The problem is, the bathroom is pretty much the most dangerous room in the house. According to data from the National Safety Council, bathroom accidents make up about 70% of all home accidents. That’s a lot of accidents. Why? Combine water with the slick surfaces of bath […]

Walking aids: how to choose the right one


If your aging parent is having trouble getting around, there are many mobility aids that can help keep them mobile. They range from simple single-tip canes to the fanciest rolling walkers with seats and shopping baskets. It can be a little overwhelming to understand the differences between these products. Canes Canes are helpful walking aids […]

What’s your worst Skype failure?

The promise of Skype or Google Hangouts is that you can be face-to-face with someone even when they’re far away. Love it, but sometimes reality doesn’t work as well as you think it will. Last month I spent almost an hour on the phone with an older relative trying to get them set up on […]