When it’s time for your aging parent to leave the hospital, make sure you bring this one simple item with you

If you have an elderly parent who is getting out of the hospital after surgery, an emergency, or an injury, be prepared for the flood of confusing information you’ll be getting. Often there are detailed discharge instructions for changing bandages, caring for a wound, or taking medications at the proper time. Doctors talk fast. Nurses […]

How I designed a New “Birthday Suit”


By Robin Lenart During a recent hospital stay, I was frozen with anxiety when I caught sight of my friendly nurse coming in my direction carrying a wash basin and towels. She heard it all before I’m sure…”Thanks, I’ll wait till I get home…I can do it myself…Ugh, I don’t need a bath anyway, really.” […]

Interview with Carolyn A. Brent, author of Why Wait?

Why wait

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 12 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Carolyn A. Brent whose book Why Wait? The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially and Legally for a Parent’s Death launches on Amazon on Tuesday November 15, 2011. Author Carolyn A. Brent, M.B.A. is […]