3 ways to help your parents hang onto their housekeys

As your parents get older, you find certain things become a common theme: losing things, forgetting things, and just walking off without important items. While this is common, it doesn’t make it easy to deal with. When you repeatedly have to bail someone out, you tend to get a little frustrated. Well, here are three ways to help your parents to be able to keep track of their keys and other lost items.

  1. Same place – If you have a designated place to store something, it makes it a lot harder to lose it. A bowl, a drawer, or hooks make great places to store keys. If you can get your parents in the habit of dropping the keys there every time they enter the house, you will have fewer frantic calls.
  2. Beeper or tracker – Thanks to miniaturization, a key chain can double as a tracker. Some trackers react to claps or whistles. If your parents lose their keys, all they have to do is clap and the key chain will start beeping loudly, letting them know exactly where they are. Another type of tracker has GPS, so you can look it up and at least tell them within a few meters where their keys are.
  3. Attachment – A third option is to make the keys stick to something important, like a wallet or purse. If the keys are tethered, it makes it that much harder to lose them. An automatically retracting line keeps the keys accessible while still connected and is available at nearly any office supply store.

Having a parent lose their keys all the time can be difficult. Hopefully, one of these three tips will help to reduce the number of times you have to call out a locksmith, make a new set of keys, or drive over and use your spare set.

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