iPad video instructions make connecting easier for seniors

Get help for your iPad

As far as I’m concerned, the iPad is just about the perfect tool to get a senior who isn’t computer-literate and doesn’t have one of their own. It’s made for connecting to the world, watching videos, reading newspapers, and doing email. No, it’s not great if you’re trying to type long documents, but you can snap a picture and send it off in an email with short description almost quicker than you can make a phone call.

I know of several people who’ve purchased iPads for their parents, but then been disappointed by the amount of time they’ve had to spend bringing them up to speed.

See, the iPad doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

And there are many features of the iPad that are a little hard to grasp without some kind of instructions.

That’s why I like this new product I just heard about, which is lessons in how to use the iPad delivered by video.

There are over 100 videos, each fairly short and each teaching you how to do one important thing.

Take a look and see if it might help you out.


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