What’s your worst Skype failure?

The promise of Skype or Google Hangouts is that you can be face-to-face with someone even when they’re far away.

Love it, but sometimes reality doesn’t work as well as you think it will.

Last month I spent almost an hour on the phone with an older relative trying to get them set up on Skype. They’d used it before, but long enough ago that it took a while to get things going again.

Here’s a page on Squidoo talking about 3 ways you can really go wrong with Skype or other video chat systems. http://www.squidoo.com/3-video-chat-disasters-with-your-aging-parents-and-how-to-avoid-them .

It links to a new site called FireChat that tries to reinvent video chat for families with aging parents. Check it out at FireChat.com.

What’s your worst video chat disaster? Make a comment!



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