Carbon Monoxide: Safety Tips For The Elderly

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Carbon monoxide, the silent killer Used around the world for a variety of reasons including meat production, medicine, chemical engineering and laser production, the silent killer kills over 40 people annually and hospitalises around 2000. Carbon monoxide (or CO) is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas which is lethal to humans. Breathing it in can […]

An Argument for Eating Meat in Old Age

Millions of elderly individuals change their diet in later years. Many believe that animal products, and red meat in particular, can cause disastrous negative health effects. However, there are many reasons why the elderly should consume meat in order to maintain adequate nutrition. Besides the benefits of protein for muscle maintenance, there are a number […]

Fix Easily Forgotten Home Hazards

Although your parents undoubtedly value their independence, their home may contain dangerous safety hazards. As they age, they may face balance, vision, memory, hearing, strength or other challenges. Keep mom and dad safe with these preventable and easily fixed forgotten hazards around the home. Navigation Exterior and interior steps create difficulty for aging individuals. Fix […]

Downsizing your home at 50+


After reaching the age of 50, many people like to prepare for approaching retirement and the “golden years” of leisure by downsizing – often as an acknowledgement that now the kids have flown the coop and the mortgage is as good as paid off, there’s no need to be maintaining such a large house. A […]

Making Wise Financial Decisions for Your Aging Parents

Guest Post by Daniela Baker According to a 2010 report by the Associated Press, there are an estimated 38 million Americans caring for an elderly relative. And while the President included in his proposed 2011 budget an additional $103 million for programs designed to assist the aging population, these Americans still need assistance to cover […]