Easy Riding Bicycle


Easy Riding Bike makes cycling fun again

Help your parent to once again enjoy the fun and fitness benefits of biking.

The easy riding bike
has been specially designed to make biking more comfortable for active seniors. No more aching back from biking in that uncomfortable, bent-forward position. This amazing bike adjusts to a gently angled, upright posture for maximum comfort and breathing ease – and there’s a contoured backrest for lumbar support.

The design of the Journey Bike centers on added comfort in the seat and strong support for the back. Now add the innovative handlebar design to the seat and backrest features, and you’ve got the bike that’s perfect for the active boomer.

This bike is a little different looking for good reason. The pedal-forward design makes it easy to stop and start, as well as positioning the rider in a favorable position for breathing. Forget the aching back you used to get from bending forward as you rode. Just adjust the Journey to the gently angled upright position that suits you best, the one that’s most comfortable for you.

A comfortable ride really starts with that contoured backrest. Why haven’t we seen that before, when it’s the most interesting biking idea since baseball cards in the spokes? This kind of lumbar support provides not only comfort but extra power for climbing hills, and it helps to reduce lower back pain and fatigue as well. The handlebars are fully adjustable, too, for a more natural arm positioning.

Easy adjustments are indeed another key to the success of this bike. To get things on the Journey exactly the way you want them, adjust the seat forward, back, up, or down; getting the handlebars at exactly the right height and angle is as simple as hand-turning a knob or a handle. Again, there are no tools required.

The 7-speed gears are easy to use – 1 shifter on the handlebars does it all. The gears are low-maintenance, too, because they’re housed in an enclosed hub system, meaning that the chain is not going to come off and leave you stranded. The frame design also ensures that you can get both feet on the ground, as needed.

And as for the pain a bike seat used to bring to your bottom, forget about it. Choose between the Luxurious model which has a bench seat (no horn) that’s 17″ wide, while the Standard model seat is 11″ wide. You needn’t fear toppling over, either. Unlike bikes that are too heavy or off balanced, the Journey is lightweight, with excellent balance.

This bike has it all, from the easy on-and-off step-through to the adjustable handle bars. Reclaim your biking heritage, the health benefits, and your freedom to enjoy the Great Outdoors from the comfortable seat of your very own easy riding bike.

Some easy assembly is necessary.

easy riding bike