Electronic Medication Reminder Devices

Electronic Medication Reminder Devices fall into two main categories.

The first are reminder alarms. The best examples of these are watches that have beween 5 and 12 programmable alarms that go off during the day.

The second are medication dispensers with alarms.

These range from simple to complex. At the high end of the scale are tamper-proof automatic dispensers that would be very helpful if you need to control access to certain medications either because of cost or danger.

MedCenter medication reminder deviceThe MedCenter Monthly Medication System with Reminder Alarm holds a full month of pills, and up to 4 doses per day. It has 4 separate alarms that are LOUD, and the alarms reset every day at midnight. No monthly fees with this unit. Approx. $59. You can also get this product without the reminder alarm.

Check out the full range of electronic medication reminders at Amazon.com.

Here’s a video about how the medical alarm watch works.