3 Natural Anxiety Treatments for Elderly


The elderly population is notorious for physical ailments and internal sickness, but few people recognize the psychological anxiety and trauma that also troubles aging parents. According to the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation, up to 20% of the elderly population suffers from generalized anxiety even though it is never diagnosed. This anxiety in the elderly manifests […]

Don’t want to end up like your parents? Here’s a tip.

Today’s New York Times featured an article on the effects of exercise on “successful aging.” In short, people who exercise regularly age better. The live long, suffer from fewer debilitating diseases, and are less prone to depression. Read it here: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/01/29/exercise-to-age-well-regardless-of-age/ Here’s the quote that really got my attention: In the eight years between the […]

5 Natural Remedies to Prevent Brain Degeneration


 Of all the problems that elderly people struggle with most, brain or neurological degeneration is among the worst. While physical degeneration is problematic and painful, losing memory, feeling panicked and general age related brain disorders can ruin the lives of aging parents. Neurological degeneration is nearly assured, but there are many natural methods to halt […]

In Home Dental Care for Aging Parents


Many people dislike visiting the dentist, but dentists are regarded as a necessary evil. Leaving dental problems untreated can lead to more pain, irritation, and disruption. If you’re looking for dental care for your aging parents, you may have run into the frustration of trying to find dental services that are accessible. In home dental […]

Healthy Snacks for Seniors

Healthy snack

It can be hard to stay healthy as a young adult, let alone as a senior. Staying healthy has different components to it, like what we eat and how we exercise, but we’re going to focus on healthy snacks. The question is should a seniors snacking be any different than the snacking of someone from […]

Age Related Hearing Loss

Image courtesy HearingDirect

Hearing loss is thought to affect the lives of over 35 million Americans and projections now estimate this number to grow to 40 million by the year 2025. These figures have been collected then analyzed in Kochkin’s 2008 survey (MarkeTrak VIII) which included 80,000 members of the National Family Opinion (NFO) panel. The overwhelming cause […]

How to Get Help If You Think Your Parent’s Illness is Caused by Asbestos

patient in hospital

Having an aging parent often comes with multiple challenges, including the development of illnesses and health issues. Because of widespread industrial use of asbestos throughout multiple occupations in the 1900s, asbestos-related diseases will likely become more prevalent among an aging population in the coming decade. More aggressive asbestos-caused diseases like mesothelioma can require additional efforts […]