The Ideal Life Body Manager

If your aging parent has congestive heart failure or needs to watch their weight, the IDEAL LIFE Body Manager ( is a solution for keeping track of their health even if you’re at a distance.

The Body Manager is a body weight scale that not only measures your weight, but it sends that data to the user’s health care team (which probably includes you).

People with Congestive Heart Failure often have multiple medications, and it’s hard to get the dose right. One of the ways that medication is monitored is by seeing if the patient gains or loses weight. Speed matters here. The faster the doctors can discover weight gain, the faster they can adjust the medication so that the patient doesn’t have to be hospitalized.

Of course, it’s hard to keep track of your loved one’s weight, especially if you’re not nearby.

bodyManagerThe Body Manager captures daily weight readings and sends them to you or other people on the health care team. It does this through a fully automated process. The scale communicates with a “Pod” that can transmit information through phone lines, cell phones, or the Internet. It’s Bluetooth-enabled, so there are no wires to worry about.

For more, check out this video.


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