Carbon Monoxide: Safety Tips For The Elderly

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Carbon monoxide, the silent killer Used around the world for a variety of reasons including meat production, medicine, chemical engineering and laser production, the silent killer kills over 40 people annually and hospitalises around 2000. Carbon monoxide (or CO) is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas which is lethal to humans. Breathing it in can […]

Seven ways to make the bathroom safer for seniors


Who really wants to worry about bathroom safety? The problem is, the bathroom is pretty much the most dangerous room in the house. According to data from the National Safety Council, bathroom accidents make up about 70% of all home accidents. That’s a lot of accidents. Why? Combine water with the slick surfaces of bath […]

Fix Easily Forgotten Home Hazards

Although your parents undoubtedly value their independence, their home may contain dangerous safety hazards. As they age, they may face balance, vision, memory, hearing, strength or other challenges. Keep mom and dad safe with these preventable and easily fixed forgotten hazards around the home. Navigation Exterior and interior steps create difficulty for aging individuals. Fix […]

How to Make an Elderly Person’s Home Safer

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Old age is just like childhood! Once when we were babies, we were helpless and vulnerable. We needed constant vigil, care and protection from pitfalls, wounds and injuries. As we grow older, our parents age and they develop various problems like Alzheimer’s disease (dementia), arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes. Today, it’s our turn to love, […]

Benefits Of Home Security Systems For Your Elderly Parents

Today, many people have elderly parents who are still in good health and choose to live independently, as long as possible. Of course, this independence is an important part of their ability to feel in control of their lives and enjoy a home environment that is comfortable and enjoyable. However, living alone can also mean […]

Protect Aging Parents from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Confusion, memory loss and trouble keeping balance can all be signs of the natural aging process, but what if they were symptoms of something more dangerous? Carbon monoxide poisoning in a home is hazardous because it is undetectable to human senses and early symptoms are similar to less serious ailments. Although it is known as […]

Anti-slip Stickers for Your Safety in the Bathroom – No More Sliding in Bathtub or Shower. No Mats Needed


We’ve all heard that slipping in the shower or bath is one of the leading causes of injuries among the elderly. These removable non-skid circles can help prevent slipping in the bath. From the manufacturer: These high-quality translucent stickers are easy to apply to your shower or bathtub and just as easily detached, even after […]