Fix Easily Forgotten Home Hazards

Although your parents undoubtedly value their independence, their home may contain dangerous safety hazards. As they age, they may face balance, vision, memory, hearing, strength or other challenges.

Keep mom and dad safe with these preventable and easily fixed forgotten hazards around the home.


Exterior and interior steps create difficulty for aging individuals. Fix these hazards with ramps.

Cords, rugs or flooring transitions between rooms also create navigational challenges. Move or mask these tripping hazards so your parents can walk without tripping over something. You may also need to evaluate the type of flooring and ensure it provides a seamless walking surface.


The outer walkway may be well lit at night, but your parents need adequate indoor lighting as well. Neon track lighting or a small plug-in light can help your parents stay safe when they need to get up overnight.


Getting around inside a home challenges anyone who uses a cane, walker or wheelchair. You may need to enlarge the doorways and hallways, open up the floor plan and create accessibility between floors. These actions increase safety throughout the home. Contractor accounting software helps you financially plan these and other safety renovations.


Slippery surfaces pose major threats to safety in the bathroom. Install non-slip flooring in front of the sink and in the shower.

You may also need to install a grab bar or bathtub rail to help your parents safely navigate the shower and use the toilet. A heightened toilet seat ensures older individuals can use the toilet with ease.


A typical part of a senior adult’s routine, medications pose safety hazards when they’re not taken or stored properly. Make sure your parents have their pills organized each week. Set reminder alarms if they’re prone to forget their regular pills. You may need to help them store, count and refill prescriptions as needed to prevent medical emergencies caused by taking too little or too much medicine.


Mobility or health issues may prevent your parents from cleaning their home as often as necessary. Dirt creates unsanitary conditions, aggravates respiratory issues and increases infections. Likewise, viruses spread faster in an unclean environment. If your parents need help keeping their home clean, hire a weekly cleaning service.

Likewise, change furnace and refrigerator filters. These filters are easy to forget, but they provide clean indoor air, water and ice.

Clutter is another issue. If your parents are willing, help them downsize collectibles and other possessions. Limiting clutter creates a cleaner home and decreases tripping dangers.

Your aging parents can stay safely in their own home despite hidden hazards. Common hazards challenge their aging bodies, but you can make their home safe by installing key safety features throughout their home.

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