Mom’s got the MED-Q Pillbox: Now I can Finally Rest Easy!

The Med-Q holds pills and has sophisticated reminders.

It just so happens that my mother was born on Mother’s Day in 1932 so getting gifts for her can be challenging. She’s a rather traditional women as you might imagine and helplessly set in her ways. So set in her ways, in fact, that until I bought her the MED-Q Pillbox to replace her […]

What is an electronic medication reminder device?

This watch can remind you to take your medication

Why are medication reminder devices important? This past week my daughter and I both got diagnosed with Strep throat. The treatment is, of course, antibiotics. We each have to take a pill three times a day, spaced eight hours apart if possible. In the past three days, we’ve each almost forgotten one dose each day. […]

Medication reminder devices help with medication errors

The other day on National Public Radio I heard a report about medication errors in hospitals. It turns out that medication errors are now the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States. The first is car crashes. What happens to cause the death with a medication error is that either the person […]