Mom’s got the MED-Q Pillbox: Now I can Finally Rest Easy!

It just so happens that my mother was born on Mother’s Day in 1932 so getting gifts for her can be challenging. She’s a rather traditional women as you might imagine and helplessly set in her ways.

So set in her ways, in fact, that until I bought her the MED-Q Pillbox to replace her old pill dispenser she still used a dirty old pillbox she’s had for at least 30+ years.

It Was Time She Modernized

The white letters that signify the days were all faded or scratched off on that old drab piece of plastic she was so attached to. She had her system though. Her pills are very important to her. But every single time I saw her old pillbox while on a visit I was always shocked.

“My lord! Mom… there’s so many pills!”

Then my next thought was always:

“What if you missed a day, or accidentally mixed something up?”

Mom would immediately dismiss my concerns. The idea that something like this could happen was unimaginable.

She takes a cocktail mixture of vitamins, supplements and medications on a daily basis. Vitamin A, E, B12, fish oil, blood pressure medication and this medication and on and on. Until I saw the MED-Q, it never occurred to me that there was a way I could update her pill-taking methodology and sleep better at night.

A couple years ago she had a stroke. It took a bit for her mind to recover, and she’s the woman I love but it did mess with her memory there’s no doubt. I realized that I’ve been worrying a ton since then about her being completely in charge of her medications without anyone to make sure she’s doing the right thing.

Did I mention she’s a tough old bird and as independent as they come?

Enter the MED-Q Pillbox

The Med-Q holds pills and has sophisticated reminders.

The Med-Q holds pills and has sophisticated reminders.

Would she ever consider getting a modern technologically-endowed pill dispenser on her own? NEVER. But, I knew she would use it if I gave it to her as a Mother’s Day/Birthday gift and then showed her how to use it.

That’s exactly what I did. I orchestrated everything so that I had time on the day she received it to help her get everything set up with the alarms, the clock and everything else.

I made sure to explain everything, all the benefits and features and she absolutely loves it! And… I sleep much better at night. A fabulous investment and one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten her. So much better than a card or another bottle of perfume.

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