What is an electronic medication reminder device?

Why are medication reminder devices important?

This past week my daughter and I both got diagnosed with Strep throat.

The treatment is, of course, antibiotics. We each have to take a pill three times a day, spaced eight hours apart if possible.

In the past three days, we’ve each almost forgotten one dose each day.

Remembering to take your medications on time is not easy. And it gets harder as you get older.

An electronic medication reminder device is a gadget that reminds you when to take a pill or other medication.

Medication reminder devices are practical tools that can help you remember when you need to take your medication. If you’re on multiple meds, they can remind you which pill you should take now.

The doctors call this “patient adherence.” I call it safety. If you’re a forgetful type (as I am) it’s easy to forget to take your pills or injection. And it’s also easy to get confused about which pills you should take in which order.

There are many kinds to choose from. You can wear a watch that buzzes or vibrates at certain times, organize your pills in a pill box, or have a keychain style medication alarm timer.

Remembering to take all your different medications at the right time and with the right foods can be tough even for someone who’s fully competent. For people who have health issues, it gets a lot harder.

If your parents live far from you, it can be reassuring to know that they have a good reminder system in place for taking their meds.

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