Whoever thought of this method of keeping track of pills is a genius


Know anyone who takes a lot of pills?

Maybe several times a day?

I don’t know about you, but the idea of taking out 20 minutes every week to painstakingly fill up your pillboxes isn’t any more fun than the idea of finding and opening several different bottles 3 times a day.

Enter the PillPack.

PillPack sends you a nice looking box every two weeks. The box contains a strip of little tear-off bags. Each little bag contains all the pills you need to take at a particular moment, say 8am on Wednesday, and nothing else.

So you can easily take your morning pills. Grab your lunchtime meds if you’re heading out to lunch instead of staying home. Or grab several packets if you’re heading out of town.

Don’t remember if you’ve already taken your meds? Just look into the box and see if the next packet is for a time in the future or a time in the past.

Find out more at pillpack.com.

Here’s the video that explains it all:


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