3 Natural Anxiety Treatments for Elderly


The elderly population is notorious for physical ailments and internal sickness, but few people recognize the psychological anxiety and trauma that also troubles aging parents. According to the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation, up to 20% of the elderly population suffers from generalized anxiety even though it is never diagnosed. This anxiety in the elderly manifests […]

5 Natural Remedies to Prevent Brain Degeneration


 Of all the problems that elderly people struggle with most, brain or neurological degeneration is among the worst. While physical degeneration is problematic and painful, losing memory, feeling panicked and general age related brain disorders can ruin the lives of aging parents. Neurological degeneration is nearly assured, but there are many natural methods to halt […]

8 Tips for Traveling With Your Aging Parent


Since you were a kid, you and your mom have always talked about taking a trip to Italy together. The two of you imagined staring in awe at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and eating gelato every night. Fast-forward a few decades: The trip hasn’t happened yet, and Mom is now an aging senior. […]

When Doing Nothing is Doing the Wrong Thing

Have you ever faced a decision and just put it off? A lot of the decisions we need to make with our elderly parents are the kinds of decisions we’d rather put off. Sometimes they involve a difficult conversation. Sometimes they involve a complex choice where we have to weigh out various pros and cons […]

Finding an Affordable Home

It would be nice if all our parents, grandparents, and other elderly relatives had a house that was paid off. Rent free, they could live a comfortable retirement in a nice home. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Especially in this economy, having a home you own full out is more of a dream […]

Connecting Your Parent(s) to a Local Senior Center

Guest post by Alvina Lopez One of the best cures for loneliness as an older adult is surrounding yourself with a group of friends who share similar interests to you. Whether your parents live in the same house with you or in an entirely different city from you, consider encouraging them to connect with their […]