Finding an Affordable Home

It would be nice if all our parents, grandparents, and other elderly relatives had a house that was paid off. Rent free, they could live a comfortable retirement in a nice home. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Especially in this economy, having a home you own full out is more of a dream than a reality. But most people’s retirement income, such as social security, simply isn’t enough to pay rent and continue to live.

What do you do? You want them to live independent, healthy lives without having to stress over where their next meal is coming from or whether to pay the rent or the electricity. You also don’t want them doing what a friend of my grandmother’s decided to do- live out of their car.

As much as you love them, most of us cannot afford to set them up in a home or apartment and pay even part of the rent. But what alternatives do we have?

Well, one option is senior apartments. For some senior apartments the rent is based on the tenant’s income. That means if your aunt is living on social security, then her rent would reflect how much she got from that, not the current prices of the housing market in the area.

Additionally, senior independent living apartment complexes offer many amenities that normal apartments do not.

They have activities, do not allow anyone under 55 to live there (cutting out crying babies, rowdy teens, etc) and some even provide dinner to residents, assuring they get at least one healthy meal a day. The apartments are typically small but clean, and they are much more secure than your average apartment complex.

Finding a place your elderly relatives can afford can be a struggle, but senior apartments offer one avenue to explore.

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