What’s your worst Skype failure?

The promise of Skype or Google Hangouts is that you can be face-to-face with someone even when they’re far away. Love it, but sometimes reality doesn’t work as well as you think it will. Last month I spent almost an hour on the phone with an older relative trying to get them set up on […]

Fix Easily Forgotten Home Hazards

Although your parents undoubtedly value their independence, their home may contain dangerous safety hazards. As they age, they may face balance, vision, memory, hearing, strength or other challenges. Keep mom and dad safe with these preventable and easily fixed forgotten hazards around the home. Navigation Exterior and interior steps create difficulty for aging individuals. Fix […]

Downsizing your home at 50+


After reaching the age of 50, many people like to prepare for approaching retirement and the “golden years” of leisure by downsizing – often as an acknowledgement that now the kids have flown the coop and the mortgage is as good as paid off, there’s no need to be maintaining such a large house. A […]

Senior Care Assisted Living Facilities

One of the undisputed facts of life is – all of us get old. At that point there are many elderly folks that need assistance, and this is where senior care assisted living facilities come in. There are a couple of different types of care facilities we want to talk about. Independent Living Lets start […]

How I designed a New “Birthday Suit”


By Robin Lenart During a recent hospital stay, I was frozen with anxiety when I caught sight of my friendly nurse coming in my direction carrying a wash basin and towels. She heard it all before I’m sure…”Thanks, I’ll wait till I get home…I can do it myself…Ugh, I don’t need a bath anyway, really.” […]

8 Tips for Traveling With Your Aging Parent


Since you were a kid, you and your mom have always talked about taking a trip to Italy together. The two of you imagined staring in awe at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and eating gelato every night. Fast-forward a few decades: The trip hasn’t happened yet, and Mom is now an aging senior. […]

How the Affordable Care Act Applies To Over-50s

Regardless of which party wins the 2012 elections, there are likely to be big changes in health care expenditures over the coming year that will have serious implications for Americans over 50. These changes will affect the administration of the existing Medicare program, as well as the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care […]

How to Make an Elderly Person’s Home Safer

cozy windows

Old age is just like childhood! Once when we were babies, we were helpless and vulnerable. We needed constant vigil, care and protection from pitfalls, wounds and injuries. As we grow older, our parents age and they develop various problems like Alzheimer’s disease (dementia), arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes. Today, it’s our turn to love, […]