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The Pen Friend

Memo pen

Memo pen

The RNIB PenFriend is a voice labeling system. It works by sticking a small self-adhesive label on whatever you want to label and then recording a memo into the easy-to-use pen.

It’s great for older people because you can use it to store more information than you’d want to write. Use it for things you put in the freezer, so you can add not just information about when you made it or froze it, but how to reheat it and what to serve it with. Use it on health products with complicated instructions. If you’re a low-vision person, you can affix the stickers and then swipe the pen to tell you, for example, which bottle of pills is which, so you don’t have to read the label.

All in all, this is a great device for helping people stay organized and living independently. Buy it at

The Doro HearPlus Phone


Doro HearPlus phone for hearing/vision loss

The Doro HearPlus 317ci is a phone for people with hearing and/or vision loss. It’s packed with features to help you or your loved ones stay in touch even when using ordinary phones becomes more difficult.

It’s a hearing aid compatible phone, of course, and also can boost volume by up to 53dB to the handset. It’s got a flashing ringer as well as an included pillow vibrator attachment so you can reach your loved on even when they’re sleeping. (This alone sets this model apart from other phones meant for the elderly.) The buttons are not just big, but designed for ease of use, with high contrast numbers and a concave surface for good tactile feedback. The display is also particularly easy to read.  Buy it at

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