Antiscald Shower Heads to Keep Elderly Parents Safe

Slipping and falling aren’t the only hazards of stepping into the shower.

Hot water scalding is also a very real potential danger. 

Elderly people are at the highest risk from scald injuries as their skin is thinner and less tolerant to extreme water temperatures.  All it takes is a moment of carelessness and the faucet is turned just a little too far. 

Startled by the heat, it’s easy to lose balance or even suffer long term disability and disfigurement. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 3,800 people are severely injured and 34 people die from hot water burns each year.

Thankfully, there are a variety of quality products on the market designed to protect aging parents from hot water burns in the bath.  Here is a look at the range of options:

ScaldShield Shower Device

This valve fits all shower heads and hoses and offers the highest level of protection with the easiest installation (no plumber necessary).  It easily screws into place between the shower head and the wall connection.  Then, when the water temperature exceeds 120 degrees fahrenheit, the device shuts off the water flow until the faucet is returned to a lower temperature at which time flow begins again in 20-60 seconds.

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American Valve Antiscald Hand Held Shower Head

This hand-held shower head comes with a 6-foot long hose and a shutoff switch on the head itself, allowing bathers to stop water flow without having to adjust the temperature on the main faucet. Easy to install and under $20, this product is an excellent value for a very low price.

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Kohler Forte Rite-Temp Pressure-Balancing Bath and Shower Faucet

In addition to providing anti-scald protection, this Kohler shower head also includes a pressure-balancing valve that keeps a steady flow of temperature-controlled water at all times.  The shower head contains 72 spray nozzles and a deluge feature, which keeps shower time safe, enjoyable, and efficient.  You will need to purchase the shower head and faucet trim as well as the in-wall valve, which requires a bit more installation savvy and behind the wall work.

List Price: $106.13 USD
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An anti-scald device is a simple way to protect a senior you love from a costly and painful injury. Grab one today!


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