Review of checkin system for people who live alone

pom4uIf you’re an adult child looking after an elderly parent, especially from a distance, you know the constant nagging background worry that something has happened and they’re not okay.

A new service called POM4U aims to put this worry to rest.

POM4U is short for Peace Of Mind For You, and it works both ways, giving peace of mind both to the person who lives alone and to the person who worries about them.

The service is designed not just for seniors, but since this is a site about aging parents, we’ll confine ourselves to that use case.

Here’s how it works. You set your senior up with an account on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Together you define certain regular checkin times, like each morning. When the senior is up and about, they check in on the device (they don’t have to write anything) and go about their day. You only get a notification if they miss their checkin. That way you know they are either still in bed or they’ve forgotten to check in. A quick phone call can assure you they’re okay. Or if they’re not, you can get help to them.

The senior can also set an ad-hoc alert. Let’s say they’re going for a walk, and if they’re not back in an hour that’s probably because something bad happened. All they have to do is set the checkin time and if they don’t meet it, everyone in the network gets an alert.

Additional Features:

There are two kinds of “friends” in the system. There’s your inner circle (the people who get alerts if you don’t check in) and the outer circle of people who are connected to you but don’t see the details.

POM4U’s photo and video sharing feature lets you share photos with people in both circles.

Important things to consider:

This system will only work if the elderly person wants to use it. Unlike a medical alert, which you might be able to strongarm a parent into wearing just in case (and which they will probably use if they have an accident), this system only works if the person uses it attentively.

POM4U also doesn’t appear to be a good solution for people with cognitive issues like dementia.

The service is based in England, so the prices are in Pounds.

This is NOT a Personal Emergency Response System. It’s not designed to be used in an emergency or life-threatening event.

My thoughts:

I think this is an intriguing service that will meet the needs of some people very well. I confess I don’t really like the name! Also, this company is in its early stages, so I’m sure they’ll be refining their offering and adding new features. They’re certainly tackling and important issue, and I like the basic way they’re approaching it: we want people to know we’re okay, but we don’t want to have to be burdened by having conversations with them several times a day.

The system has a free 1-month trial. I encourage you to check it out and see if it works for your family. Click here:


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