Antiscald Shower Heads to Keep Elderly Parents Safe

anti-scald shower head

Slipping and falling aren’t the only hazards of stepping into the shower. Hot water scalding is also a very real potential danger.  Elderly people are at the highest risk from scald injuries as their skin is thinner and less tolerant to extreme water temperatures.  All it takes is a moment of carelessness and the faucet […]

Footwarmer for the bed improves circulation


Suffer from cold feet? I recently got an email from a website visitor who said, “Dad had complained that he was bothered by cold feet at night. One of them was causing him pain as a result of being cold. I thought the likely cause was poor circulation consequent to his age. So I looked […]

Must have towel bar


This towel bar is a great addition to any bathroom. With its good looks and separate towel bar it’s an attractive option for bathroom safety. This bar provides a 350 lb. capacity which is substantially more than most. Place this bar near toilet, shower or tub in any bathroom to help prevent accidents.

The most attractive tub support rail


Bathrooms are likely the most dangerous room in the house. But who wants to cover them in metal or plastic rails? Now you can bring safety into your bathroom with style rather than the look of a nursing home. Again Invisia Collection has combined beauty and safety with this Accent Ring by HealthCraft. With a […]

The most attractive soap dish grab bar


This soap dish grab bar will be an attractive in accent any bathroom. I love this line because it has so smartly combined beauty and safety. The soap dish is made of DuPont Corian, a shatterproof surface that resists the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria and has drain holes. 350 lb. capacity A perfectly […]

The most attractive shower and tub grab shelf


Good news! With the Invisia Collection Corner Shower Shelf by HealthCraft you can help accident proof your bathroom with a united aesthetic and theme of the Integrated Support Rail. The Corian shelf can be removed for easy cleaning. Showers and baths are likely the most dangerous part of the bathroom. With this handy shelf you […]

The most attractive toilet grab bar


For those of you tired of the long towel rack style grab bar check this out! I think this is one of the best looking bathroom supports available. This bar is unique in its subtlety as a bathroom support with a nice aesthetic.The Invisia Collection Toilet Paper Holder by HealthCraft Features an Integrated Support Rail […]

The #1 must have bathroom safety item -Grab bars-

moen Stainless grab bar

For many, aesthetics is an issue when considering safety improvements. Luckily there are a variety of appealing options on the market. This Moen stainless 24-Inch Grab Bar is simple, attractive and would work well with just about any bathroom decor. Bathrooms can literally be deadly for anyone, especially an elderly or handicapped person. With grab […]