Cane with Grabber: This cane helps you grab things from the floor

grabber cane

A cane and a grabber combined!

The mere fact that you’re walking with a cane probably means it’s tough for you to bend over and grab things that are on the floor.

This product solves both problems at once. How cool is that?

This might not make all your other grabbers useless, but it will certainly make life easier.

The Cane That Helps You Reach Things You Need
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  1. says

    Hello Joe,

    I would like to introduce you to my product. I am the inventor of Grab-A-Cane. Grab-A-Cane is adjustable to different heights because we are not all the same size. The offset pickup finger stays out of the way of the users shoe and the cane tip while walking. The same cane in can be set for the right or left handed person. It is made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel and weighs only 14.3 ounces. It supports a person up to 250 pounds. The pickup finger is so nimble you can pick up a dime.

    Respectfully, Donald Beyette

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