Footwarmer for the bed improves circulation


Suffer from cold feet? I recently got an email from a website visitor who said,

“Dad had complained that he was bothered by cold feet at night. One of them was causing him pain as a result of being cold. I thought the likely cause was poor circulation consequent to his age. So I looked online & found a foot warmer. It’s basically a heating pad that lays across the foot of the bed and has a long cord that extends to a control that lies on the night stand & then runs to an outlet.

“I got it installed for him & he’s very happy about it. Now instead of being waken by the discomfort several times each night, he’s sleeping through the nights, and the pain has gone from his foot. I had been taking him to the grocery store for his weekly shopping trip, because he’d had problems running out of energy. This week, however, he made the trip by himself without mentioning it to me, because he’s feeling significantly better.”

Fantastic idea, right?

Here’s a foot warmer available on Amazon.

Battle Creek BedWarmer Heating Pad – Deluxe BedWarmer – 358

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