What is the best life alert system?

Find the best medical alert system for your elderly parent

What is the best medical alert system to install in your home? The one that’s going to work when you need it. Okay, so that’s not a super-helpful answer. But the fact is, there are a lot of good medical alert systems on the market, and the one that’s right for you might not be […]

Why is a medical alert system better than a cell phone?

Mobile phones aren't always as safe as medical alert devices

If you’re shopping for a medical alert system or comparing different systems, you’ve probably wondered why a life alert system would be better than just carrying a cell phone. It’s a really natural question. After all, cell phones are great for calling for help in all kinds of situations, whether we need a neighbor to […]

What does a medical alert system cost?

Elderly people benefit from the security of a medical alert system

The cost of a medical alert system varies a lot. The first thing you want to understand is that you’re actually paying for two separate things: Equipment Ongoing monitoring Medical alert equipment The equipment you need for medic alert monitoring consists of a base station and a transmitter that is worn on the body of […]