Why is a medical alert system better than a cell phone?

If you’re shopping for a medical alert system or comparing different systems, you’ve probably wondered why a life alert system would be better than just carrying a cell phone.

It’s a really natural question. After all, cell phones are great for calling for help in all kinds of situations, whether we need a neighbor to lend us an ingredient, our child to come dig in the garden, or the police to come.

Here’s the problem. First off, you don’t always carry your cell phone with you in your house. Second, the batteries can run out.

Let’s take these one at a time.

1. You don’t always carry your cell phone.

It’s true that your cell phone is a wonderful emergency device, if you have it with you. But do you have it with you all the time? If you’re like most people, you put down your cell phone when you’re in the house. That means you could be anywhere from several to 100 feet from your phone when you have a medical emergency. If it’s not on your body, IT WON’T DO YOU ANY GOOD. At that rate it’s like depending on your regular phone for help. Works great if you fall right next to it and can reach it without moving, but if you break your hip on the stair landing and can’t get to the phone, it’s useless.

2. Cell phone batteries can run low

Unlike a medical alert pendant, cell phone batteries are subject to constant use and often run low. When you’re recharging your batteries the phone can’t be on your person, so it’s not useful as an emergency device. Medical alert pendants are designed with batteries that last for months and months (it helps that they hardly ever have to send a signal…). That way they’re always there when you need them.

So for safety around the house, particularly if you’re an independent senior or if you’re trying to keep a parent or elderly friend safe, there’s nothing quite as effective as a medical alert system from lifealert or any of the other companies that provide this service.

Oh, here’s another reason. If you get hurt, will you be able to think clearly and remember the phone numbers you want to dial? Are your fingers going to work the way you want them to? Wouldn’t it be much easier simply to press a button and know that help wil be on the way?

But the cell phone is great for situations when you’re away from your home. Medical alert devices only work in your house. When you’re out and about, nothing replaces a cell phone for ease of calling for help. Plus, you can get easy to dial cell phones made specifically for seniors.

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