Medical Alerts for robberies and home invasions?

Have you seen those news articles where an older person has been the victim of a home invasion but they foiled the attack by activating their medical alert?

Medical alert systems aren’t specifically designed for this use case, but they do perform well at it. (What they’re designed for is getting help in a medical emergency.)

An alert system can summon the police to your home. The medical monitoring staff can call 911 on your behalf. Sometimes just the fact that you’re reporting the crime and talking to someone who will be sending help is enough to make the would-be robber leave the house.

Will every kind of medical alarm perform well in a home invasion?

Not really.

Can you imagine a situation where your medical alert system is dialing family and friends, but no one answers? This argues against using one of the “no-fee” systems.

If you have an old-fashioned base station speakerphone model and your base station speakerphone is too far away, you can’t talk to the monitoring staff. What happens in a situation like this is that the medical monitoring company will send an ambulance. Usually this is just the right thing to do, but not if you’re being attacked or if your house is on fire.

In my opinion, the best medical alarm to have in a robbery situation is the MediPendant. It has a speakerphone right in the pendant, so no matter where you are in the house you can always talk in a normal voice to the monitoring staff.

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