Automatic Pill Dispenser & Reminder System

Is the E-Pill Automatic Pill Dispenser the answer?

E-Pill Automatic Pill Dispenser 1-01Tracking down dozens of pill bottles multiple times a day would be a painstaking task for even the most patient among us.  But when it comes to elderly parents suffering from memory loss and living miles away, dosing out medications can be a daily discomfort for everyone involved.

The E-Pill Automatic Pill Dispenser eliminates the need for mom and dad to fumble around with pill bottles and alleviates the burden of caretakers having to make late night runs across town or calls across country just to make sure everyone is getting the medication he or she needs.

The dispenser is the size of a mouse pad and contains 28 individual, generously sized compartments, which can hold up to 10 standard pills in each.  The dispenser can be programed for multiple dosages each day – morning, noon, night, and anytime in between.  An alarm is set for each dosage and when it goes off the pills slide into a tiny opening.  The alarm will continue to sound for up to an hour and turns off only when the pills are removed.

This is a genius measure for adults suffering from early Alzheimer’s, dementia, or even a strong case of forgetfulness.  The E-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser can also be secured under lock and key, giving caregivers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that mom or dad will always get just the right dose – not one pill extra, not two pills less.

Unlike the classic plastic-snap pill boxes, this device requires a patient programmer to set each alarm and label each compartment with the time and date.  Other automatic pill dispensers on the market offer similar features for a fraction of the price, though they do not include the tamper-resistant model and lock.  Of course, the model that’s right for you will depend on the needs of the person you care for.

As elderly parents accumulate more and more health concerns over the years, the medicine cabinet becomes a wild kingdom of bottles, pills, creams, and confusion.  However, savvy products such as this one help to take stress off of everyone´s symptom list.  Click to learn more about the e-pill MD1 Med-Time XL Automatic Dispenser.

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