MedFolio for medication management


Medication management is always a big issue, and a lot of companies are working hard to solve the problems that come along with complex regimes of medication.

One of the new entries on the scene is MedFolio.

Designed not just to meet the needs of the patient, but also the needs of caregivers and medical professionals. This means it’s easy to use, but also that it contains easy visual reference to the different pills being taken, and provides records for your doctor.

It was designed to be attractive, and comes with a carrying case that makes it look completely unlike your typical pill box.

Here’s what you do for visual identification. You take one of each pill and put it in the little clear plastic boxes. Then you can write on the card that goes next to them what it is and when you’re supposed to take it.

This way if a care provider is new on the job or confused about whether the pills have been loaded correctly, they can check just by looking.

Each day’s set of 4 boxes is detachable. This means if you’re out for the day you can take just that day’s medication with you. You don’t have to lug around the entire week’s worth of pills.

The pill box makes an audible sound when it’s time to take your medication. It also has a light that lights up. It’s a flashing LED light that blinks on the box you need to open and use.

You can also get text messages and emails to remind you about medications, though this is an extra monthly fee.

The device works with PC computers. You set it up on your computer. It has all the necessary medications already in its system. The program walks you through entering everything and then the dosing schedule is all set up in the device. You only need to reconnect the machine to your computer if you change your medication schedule.

Here’s the introductory video.

More info on medication reminder devices.


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