Debunked: 2 myths about curved stairlifts

There are two kinds of stairlifts, straight and curved. A curved stairlift is custom designed to fit your particular staircase, and this leads to two main myths about them.

  1. Curved stairlifts take too long to be built and delivered. This isn’t true. While you won’t be able to measure for the rails yourself, as you would with a straight one, the home survey can be done within an hour and it usually takes only a month or less for your completed lift to be delivered. That’s really not too long to wait for the increased convenience of being able to ride from the bottom to the top without having to get off and change lifts.
  2. Curved stair elevators lose their resale value. People think this because the curved rails are custom fabricated for your particular staircase that the lift has no resale value. Actually, half the value of a used machine is in the chair and the power unit. These can definitely be resold, even if the rails can’t. Also, you should know that used stairlifts don’t always have a lot of value because they take a lot of time and effort to remove, refurbish, and install. You should buy one for the increased quality of life it gives you (and the protection from falls), not for the resale value.

While two straight lifts can be a good solution, don’t overlook curved ones.

Curved stairlifts can be parked out of the way

Curved stairlifts can be parked out of the way



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