Affordable walk-in tubs

Falls getting in and out of the bathtub are a leading cause of injury for seniors. Tubs are wet, the rim is fairly high, and it’s just a hard place to keep your balance. It’s no wonder that a lot of injuries take place getting in and out of the bath.

The way to avoid these injuries is to get a walk-in bathtub. A walk-in bathtub allows you to get into the tub without having to step over a high sill.

So how do you install one of these tubs?

One way is to rip out your existing bathtub and put in a specially designed bathtub with a door.

A cheaper alternative is to retrofit your existing bathtub with a low sill.

For example, there’s a company has two kits for sale that can be installed by local contractor. One is just a very cut-through to allow a senior to step into the tub without having to lift his or her foot. The downside of this method is that it makes it so you can’t use the bathtub as a bathtub anymore. It’s only good for taking showers.

The other kit they sell has a door insert. This means that you can step into the tub and then seal it so you can run a bath. If you’re worried about falling in the tub, taking a bath instead of a shower could be a very good idea. It might be difficult to stand for long enough to take a shower. The step in version that allows you to take a bath or shower is a great alternative.

Bathtub accessibility is a big issue for seniors. If you’re worried about your aging parents, taking care of this potential source of injury is a smart idea.

If the tub modification idea feels kind of half-baked to you, you might be surprised how affordable a professionally-installed real walk-in tub can be. Click to find out how to get a professionally-installed walk-in tub for as little as $150/mo.



  1. adonna says

    My dad is 83 years old and is taking less showers due to decreased strengh to get up and out of the tub. He lives in a single wide trailer that in his younger years built a real house on to the back side of it. I’m needing help finding a affordable solution for his bathing needs. Please help!

  2. Joe says

    One other solution is called a “bath lift.” Instead of changing out the whole tub (which gets expensive fast), you use a special chair that sits inside the bathtub. It lowers you into the water and raises you up again. It’s not necessarily an ideal solution because you can’t necessarily get in and soak deeply, but it’s a lot cheaper. I’m working on a post about these, so check back.

  3. says

    Thanks for posting this article, walk-in tubs are now very functional and any one can afford it, It think walk-in tubs are really big help to every family, aside from enjoying a new experience in a bath, it assure safety and comfort to everyone.

  4. says


    Thank you very much for your ideas to post comments. The content was really very interesting. I am really thankful to you for providing this unique information. Please keep sharing more and more information….

  5. says

    Fountain of youth Bathrooms has a walk in bathtub with hydrotherapy for $1695.00. It comes with everything: 18 jet hydrotherapy, 5 piece roman faucet, built in grab bar, non-slip floor, cable pop-up drain, extension panels, and a Lifetime Warranty on every part of the unit.

    This walk in bathtub is one of the nicest on the market!! Great customer service and very knowledgeable.


  6. says

    When buying a walk in bathtub you want to make sure that the tub comes with faucets, drain, jet, etc as well as having a solid, steel frame. You also want to check the warranty information…is it just for the seal and door or other parts of the tub as well.

  7. says

    The walk in tub business has become overloaded with inferior product. High pressure sales pitches are the norm now. It is very wise to deal with companies who are not afraid to give price ranges over the phone. I have won many bids by over 8,000 while providing a far superior product. Buyer beware.

  8. Vikki in Chattanooga says

    If you decide to get a walk-in tub, be careful. I have a feeling that we are being taken advantage of as far as prices go. I just bought one (Fountail of Youth) from a company in Chattanooga. The people I dealt with were friendly and professional, but I can’t get an official manual or model number. I was charged $6700 for the tub and installation. The tub is nice and I am enjoying it. I have tried to find a price on-line and it appears that this tub sells for under $2000. If this is correct, why the giant mark up and the apparent secrecy in supplying this information. Fountail of Youth shoud do a better job in these areas. I can’t help but feel that I have been taken to the cleaners (no pun intended) !!!!!!!!

  9. Joe says

    Good advice to be careful! I don’t know anything about what these models cost, or how much they cost to install, but in my experience installation costs are always a whole lot more than I expect them to be.

  10. Andrea Hoiseth says

    We live in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. I assume I can get your product here but what is the cost?
    Where are you from? The tub we are looking at revamping is in a small bathroom where the sink is set in a small cabinet. The cabinet is right beside the tub so I am not sure we could center the opening, like in your video. Any ideas? Thanks.

  11. Joe says

    Hi, Andrea- This site doesn’t actually sell these products. My goal is to identify them for you and point you in the right direction. I recommend looking up Safeway Step on the internet and seeing if a local installer can put one in for you. Thanks for reading!

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