Unusual uses for a stairlift

Normally we think of a stairlift as just being for lifting a person up and down the stairs.

But there are other things you can do with one that will make your life a lot easier.

For example, did you ever think that you can strap your vacuum to the stairlift to get it up the stairs so you can vacuum upstairs?

Or that you could put your laundry basket on the seat and run it downstairs to where your washing machine is, then run the clean clothes back up?

Of course, both of these ideas require that you’re still mobile enough to do your own laundry or do your vacuuming. But remember that it can be a lot easier to do some gentle vacuuming on a level floor than it is to carry a heavy and awkward vacuum up or down the stairs.

It’s worth considering buying a stairlift sooner than most people do. Most people wait until they have had a fall or absolutely can’t get up and down the stairs. Instead, think about buying a stairlift as an aid to mobility and to helping you enjoy living in your house as long as possible.


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